Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Raining

The next 5 days are forecast to be cloudy and rainy. Yay! I can transplant!

Foremost on my list is to place creeping thyme between stepping stones. Creeping thyme is very low, which means its roots are quite shallow and will dry out quickly in even a brief blast of summer sun.

I dig into the sandy gravel between the stones and place a divot of thyme. Then i bury it up to its neck with compost. The rain will do my watering for me. Hopefully, the furry little green spot will establish itself in the next few days and thus survive the summer.

Sometimes our lives seem dry as we repeat the same routine every day. This is it? We glance at a spiritual path, but we hardly have time for a spiritual practice in the blast of information that surrounds us.

We can begin with the Noble 8-fold Path:
  • Wise View            -- We aim to decrease stress in our lives.
  • Wise Intention     -- We follow through with our aim
  • Wise Speech         -- We notice how we talk, to ourselves and to others
  • Wise Action          -- We act in accord with our conscience, and this puts our mind at ease.
  • Wise Livelihood   -- We earn a living in accord with our conscience, putting our mind at ease.
  • Wise Effort           -- We aim our effort in wise directions and forego some unskillful bits.
  • Wise Mindfulness -- We keep body & mind together.
  • Wise Meditation   --  We meditate regularly.

In this way we establish little green spaces in our lives that cool our minds and bodies even in the toughest situations.

Pour some cool, refreshing water into your life. Choose one wise action today.

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