Friday, May 31, 2013

Money Plant Going to Seed

Money plant is fading and going to seed. Since the daffodils ended, i rely on money plant to hold the color in the gardens--2 dozen white ones in the white garden and probably a hundred pinky-purples in the bulb garden.

Now i pull out the ones in the foreground that have gone green in order to better see the blooming iris or geranium behind.

This is what we do in meditation: bring our meditation object to the foreground and allow other sense impressions to fade to the background. We choose whatever meditation object interests us the most--hearing, breath, sensations of the body, loving-kindness.

Yesterday, during a 7-minute introductory meditation in a high school class, 3 students reported fixing their attention on the breath so that they didn't even hear sounds in the hallway or outdoors. (I had the windows open for hearing meditation.) Attention on the foreground is the beginning of concentration.

I'm concentrating on "weeding" my flowerbeds, so that the natural beauty can come to the foreground, and i can pay attention to that.

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