Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frost in the Gardens

While i was away on retreat, my garden withstood a mild frost. I worried about my plants and berated myself for not putting milk jug cloches on the fledgling tomatoes. What was i thinking? That May would remain warm? That change wouldn't happen? That change wouldn't happen to me and my garden?

I surveyed my losses yesterday: 18 zinnias, 3 tomatoes, and 6 cryptotenia (an edging for 1 flowerbed). And the banana tree leaves down at my neighbor Connie's are pretty well singed.

Death comes to the young. Even in the midst of burgeoning green growth, some plant children have died.

The mystery and lesson of life confronts us, and we avert our eyes. We don't want this change.

I buy zinnias and tomatoes at a Historical Society plant sale. Now i have new plant children, and they make me smile.

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