Friday, October 11, 2013

Ageratum Spreads

A few years ago, my Hoosier cousin gave me some seeds from her perennial ageratum, which she considered a weed in her tomato patch.

Now those few plants are a solid mass of blooming blue, about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. This zone 6 ageratum is a spreader all right. I'm transplanting it out of the nursery bed and into various flower beds. The farther away from the house, the bigger the clumps of flowers. And i have one hillside in which i am happy to let the spreaders spread (bee balm, phlox, gooseneck loosestrife, etc.)

What spreads and takes over our life? Children? Work? Facebook? Or other social media?

Perhaps we are content to be extending compassionate care to children or aging parents. That's just the way life is right now. But sometimes, busy-ness spreads all over our life, and it's time to move those responsibilities somewhere else, onto someone else.

Take a close look at how busy-ness spreads. What one thing can you let go of today?

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