Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Generosity Grows

My neighbor, Connie, gave me a dozen butternut seedlings in early June. To begin with, they looked puny, then i lost track of them. But enough survived so that i have a couple dozen butternut squashes. So does Connie, So does our neighbor, Whit, who only planted 2 of Connie's seedlings.

We are all looking for winter squash recipes, so help! Send me your recipe.

Whit's wife, Tonia, is taking most of their squash harvest to her exercise class, and the women there are very grateful.

Generosity (Connie's) begets generosity (Tonia's). Who knows who the ripples of generosity will touch next? Connie has already given me some of her last night's squash casserole with sunflower seeds.

Our actions do not happen in a vacuum. Our actions ripple out to affect everyone around us. Sometimes our unskillful actions come back to bite us in the behind. So, choose your actions wisely. Generosity is a great place to begin.

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