Thursday, October 3, 2013

Butternut Stress and Butternut Calm

Harvesting winter squash and pumpkins is sort of like looking for Easter eggs. The long vines winding off into the tall grass that had grown up around them meant i missed a few butternuts. After my sweetie mowed that tall grass, i found a perfectly good squash that had been sheared right in half by the lawn mower.

So we had Butternut Black Bean Burritos for dinner. Delicious!

Our meditation practice can get lost in the tall grass of our busy life. Then some sort of unexpected stress(es) come along, and there's nothing left for us to do but meditate. Today. Now.

Taste just a moment of delicious calm that reminds us that, yes, we are indeed sane. Behind the chatter or the downright meanness of the monkey mind lies one second of peace. That tiny second is our relaxing vacation from "The Mind," which is trying to overwhelm us with its false beliefs, over and over and over. In that jungle mind, there is a still forest pool. Under that tidal wave of beliefs, the ocean is calm. And so are we.

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