Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surprise Fruit

I went over to my gardening mentor, Ruth's, garden to pick up a white fall anemone, but, of course, she had lots of other interesting things to look at. Her kousa dogwood tree is loaded with red fruit.

"They're edible," Ruth said.

I picked one of the strawberry-sized fruit and split it open with just a slight pressure. I squeezed the creamy innards into my mouth. Seedy, but tasty. Sort of like paw-paws.
"Wow. Put these through a food mill and you have dessert," I said.

The fruits of our spiritual practice are also very "tasty." A bit of calm, less irritation, less judgmental, kinder, less stressed.

And you know what "stressed" spells backwards? Desserts!
Kousa Dogwood

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