Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Takes a Village to...

Frost tonight, so i'm finally bringing in the flowerpots from the front step. Hefting the heavy ones is a chore that requires ingenuity. I need to use a dolly.

I was thinking about buying a dolly, but then i sent an email to my 10 neighbors and Voila! Several dollies already live in my neighborhood. Rather than clutter up my garage with one more piece of seldom-used equipment, i can borrow a dolly for half an hour. I won't need it again until next May.

I value Voluntary Simplicity--keeping life simple and uncluttered. But my self-reliant do-it-yourself-er is often at odds with my own values of community. In this case, i tell myself, "It takes a village to ... move my flowerpots."

Photo from scrapmetalforum.com

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