Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Scarf of Many Colors

Margot gave me a pot of pink mums! What a delightful act of generosity.

I see 84-year-old Margot every week at writing group, and we often compliment each other on our clothes or earrings because we love the same bright colors. Last November, i was wearing a multi-colored scarf that coordinated well with my personal Joseph's-coat-of-many-colors, and Margot exclaimed, "I love your scarf!" I took it off and draped it around her neck. When she protested, i said, "You wear it this winter. I'll wear it next winter."

At this week's writing group, Margot returned the scarf to me for the season. She also gave me a pot of pink mums, which i had just been silently wishing for. Pretty soon, we won't even remember who the scarf "really" belongs to.

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