Friday, October 18, 2013

Bringing the Flowerpots Indoors

It's time to bring the flowerpots in from the front step and the back step. The first frost is coming in a few days. I have so enjoyed the luxuriant "welcome home" this summer.

Bringing the pots indoors is like putting them in a nursing home or a rehab center. Several of the plants get weaker and weaker over the winter, and finally give up the ghost. But many will survive in the solarium.

My gardening friend Ruth had a hip replacement 5 years ago and a knee replacement 3 years ago. She's working outdoors in her garden every hour that she can.  She knows what the rehab center looks like--cooped up indoors for months.

Let's go out
to our garden now.
And feel grateful for every minute we spend outdoors.

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