Thursday, October 10, 2013

Grateful for Houseplants

I received an actual letter in the mail yesterday. A little card that says,

If it weren't for great people like you,
there wouldn't be grateful people like me.

It was signed "Ellen," and she wrote a note, "Thanks for the plants!"

Ellen came over a few days ago, and took home 2 boxes full of houseplants.

You may recall that, late last winter, i was rooting 25 jars of houseplants, which i then used as edging for various flower beds. Now that it's October, those houseplant edgings have a short life expectancy, so i'm offering them to all my gardening friends.

Gratefulness is another word for gratitude. And gratitude is an expression of the heart, a whole body feeling, an at-one-ness with the way things are, and the recognition that in this moment, things are very good indeed.

Look around you. Look in your garden. What's one thing you can be grateful for right now?

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