Monday, October 7, 2013

Peak Foliage

It's peak foliage season right now. Today. After 2 years of so-so foliage, this fall foliage is spectacular. The red and yellow leaves against a blue sky are so pleasant to gaze at.

People travel from far and wide just to see the sights and have a peak experience of autumn color. In the past two days, i've met tourists from California, Louisiana, and Switzerland.

We expend a lot of energy to travel. We see the sights, and then they're gone. We are left with a memory that fades with time, a few photos that we don't look at again for quite a while, and a few feelings of happiness, fun, or relaxation.

And then, they are gone--the seeing, the hearing, the feeling--along with the colorful leaves that rain down to the ground in the next gust of wind.

We are searching for something, and we call it "travel." Perhaps we will find "it" there. Or there.

And all the time, it's traveling with us, in us, beside us, through us--a peaceful, joy-filled awareness.

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