Monday, November 11, 2013

A Topping of Manure

I drove to the local farm yesterday to get a load of manure so i can top off my compost bins. Putting the gardens to bed results in a lot of cutting down and thus a lot of filling up of the compost bins. I have 5 bins that are filled to the brim with greenery and brownery. Now i put the brown icing on this square green/brown "cake": about a foot of manure on top of each one.

This is called putting the compost bins to bed for the winter.

The dark time of year has arrived. It's time for us to compost everything that has gone on this year. The world rushes on around us, but we don't have to come up to its speed. We can slow down and smell the roses--or the manure.

Rest in the present moment, and taste a second of peace.

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