Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mission Statement of My Life

The gardener is gone. For 7 months of the year, she is here in the gardens for a few hours each week, often doing the heavy lifting and hauling. Sometimes she is just keeping things looking nice, trimming, edging, weeding. But now, she's worked herself out of a job for season. She's done everything that can be done.

Have we done everything that can be done? Of course not! But how about the most important things?

What would you include on the Mission Statement for My Life? What's your purpose, really? Family? Kindness? Accepting life as it really is? Calmness? Living your Dharma practice? What are you doing today to further your mission, your purpose in life?

The gardens have been put to bed. And the gardener can stay in her warm bed in the morning as long as she likes, until i call her in early April. For gardening is somewhere on my Mission Statement.

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