Friday, November 29, 2013

I Want....

The ground is frozen and spring bulbs are on sale. Oooh, the temptation is strong to buy those sale tulips. But then what?

Am i really going to pot them up? Am i really going to buy the bags of potting soil that effort would require?

Feel the craving in the body. Label the feeling "I want." "I want." Can you notice the "flavor" of the craving?

We see something pleasant, even if it's only in our mind's eye. Then we crave, we want, and we believe that feeling of craving is real. The actual craving comes and goes, but we don't notice its leaving, only its coming. "I want." "I want."

This Black Friday is an excellent day to notice craving. Your mantra for today, should you decide to accept it, is "I want." Notice how wanting feels in your body. Notice what happens when you walk away from the wanted object. Leave the store, and keep track of the wanting. Notice its coming. Notice when you can't hold on to it any longer, and it crumbles. It leaves. Notice that space. That's the space of peace.
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