Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alyssum Still Blooms

Alyssum is still blooming along the edges of several walkways. Despite the fact that it's November. Despite the fact that we have had hard frosts of 20 degrees. Despite the fact that it's dark out there. Alyssum is a real trooper.

In April i buy 3 or 5 big packets of alyssum seed. Then i walk along the paths through the gardens and sprinkle. By June, the seeded ones have caught up with the ones that came from 6-packs. And now, in November, when all the other annuals have given up the ghost, alyssum still blooms.

Alyssum soldiers on through the dark and difficult times, and emits a light, bouncy joy with its soft tiny white flowers. By this time of the year, it has spread into a little community.

A 75-year-old once said to me, "Aging feels like a battlefield. I look around at my fallen comrades. I don't understand why i'm still standing."

Alyssum still stands on the ground while the battle of aging, illness, and death goes on all around her.

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