Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tulips in a Pot

I craved. And i caved.

Yes, indeed. I went and bought those tulip bulbs--100 of them for $25. That was a good deal. However, then i needed to buy 2 large bags of potting soil for another $25.

Then i spent an hour potting them up. Now i have 15 pots of tulips sitting on the floor of my garage. It's still above freezing in the garage, and it's dark. Hopefully, the tulips will have enough  time to grow some roots before they all freeze up. And, hopefully, the mice won't dine on those tulip bulbs before they freeze up.

Have you been counting the stress involved in this transaction?
  1. craving
  2. buying
  3. potting
  4. worrying about the pots
  5. worrying about mice
All for the pleasant idea, the pleasant mental image, of tulips.

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