Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I bought a package of tortillas, and there on the back of the bag was a recipe for chilequiles. I fell in love with chilaquiles when i had a homestay in Mexico many moons ago. But this recipe called for tomatillo sauce instead of tomato sauce. I just happen to have a bushel of tomatillos stored in my basement.

Chilaquiles usually use stale tortilla chips or a lot of day-old tortillas. I just used the entire package of fresh tortillas to make the chilaquiles casserole, which has the texture of soggy nachos.

I love the green sauce; my sweetie doesn't like the acidic sweet-tart taste of tomatillos.

Sweet-tart--pleasant to some, unpleasant to others.
Soggy--pleasant to some, unpleasant to others.
Crisp--pleasant to some, unpleasant to others.

Pleasantness drives the impulse to want more. I want more chilaquilas.
Unpleasantness drives the impulse to avoid or get away from. My sweetie is not touching the chilaquiles.

Really, our whole lives are driven by wanting more of the pleasant and less of the unpleasant.
It's just that we each find different things to be pleasant and different things to be unpleasant.

One thing my sweetie does find pleasant: fewer tomatillos in the basement :)

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