Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Blogger's Last Blog -- by John Fabian

From Tower to Wharf to Bed

O'Hagan'sAuckland’s Sky Tower is a cross between the Seattle Space Needle and a Russian rocket ship. It is 1,050 feet high. It is part of a large downtown development with hotels and casinos. Of course for New Zealanders this isn’t enough. You must also jump off the damned thing or walk outside high above, along a narrow walkway, tethered of course. It does provide great views seen only before by people in flying machines, from which Kiwis also jump.
Xmas Music @ MallFrom the tower to the wharf is a short walk. Boats of all sizes bob in the water. Folks eat lunch at the surrounding cafes. Corporate bank offices display large sculptures. The tower can be seen from most angles. It’s a good reference for the sidewalk traveler.
After viewing boats I went into a downtown department store, the Warehouse (think Walmart on steroids). Some boys were playing delightful Christmas music on a guitar and stand-up base while staring intently at sheet music. Santa strolled around with good wishes and candy. It was 80 degrees and no air circulation. I became sick.
The pain was so bad I thought I might die. At first that frightened me. Then as it became more intense I felt there would be no more suffering and that buoyed me. The ironic situation, in its dull haze, confused and delighted me. Here in abject agony, possibly on the verge of death, I was balancing the event with the Dharma, the Buddha’s teaching. Who said the end of suffering was going to be easy? Breathe.I made it back to the hostel where I drank fluids and rested. I had pain in my chest and a very tight abdomen. About 10:30 at night I had a massive bowel movement. That changed things. I started to feel normal, but just.I canceled my meditation retreat. I’m resting. Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho

John Fabian, the author of the blog Mile Post 2.0 and AoteaoraDispatches, died 2 days later.

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