Sunday, February 8, 2015

Snow and Ice

My sweetie and i have been vacationing in the land of old, old age for the past several days. He caught a cold from the doctor's office and came down with it 3 days later. Then 3 days later, i came down with it. Maybe it was a form of flu? I lost my appetite, and i still don't have it back. I feel a bit wobbly. I really see how fast the body can go downhill.

We each did a lot of sleeping. We are still taking at least 3 naps a day.

Meanwhile, the snow builds up on the decks, and a monstrous ice dam has formed on the north side of the roof. There's a glacier living up there, above our heads.

The 2 of us are project people; we usually enjoy taking care of the snow and the ice. Yet, this past week, we've done no house maintenance like we normally would. We just spent 5 minutes shoveling snow off the roof, and now we are both pooped.

I'm happy to be returning from my visit to old-old age. It's not a place i want to go again anytime soon.

The snow is still falling. The land of snow and ice awaits us all.

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