Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Scent of Generosity

My corn plant is blooming. I had just been looking at this 5-foot tall Dracaena fragrans and thinking "It's time to give that plant away." Then i really looked at it, and it is blooming with fragrant blossoms.

A friend, Deb, gave me this corn plant a few years ago because she had become quite allergic to everything in her environment. A friend of hers had given her the corn plant as a get-well gift, but Deb was allergic to the potting soil. So Deb gave it to me. Two summers ago, i divided the 3 stems and gave away 2.

Now my one stem has multiplied. I love the gardener's math of multiplying your plants by dividing them. We give things away, and then we have more. It's so counter-intuitive. More plants and more joy.

And the corn plant is giving me more fragrance. The scent of generosity.

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