Monday, February 23, 2015

Localvore Bouquet #2

My localvore bouquet of coleus cuttings (from my February 1 blogpost) rooted, so i planted them in a pot. Now i have another localvore bouquet sitting on my kitchen table. I love the blood-red leaves of Iresina next to the Party Time pink-and-green of Alternanthera. This combination is looking lovely next to the last pink hyacinth.

This little bouquet of cuttings from my houseplants is another example of "contented and easily satisfied"--a line from the loving-kindness chant.

I can be so contented with this simple bouquet. Contentment is a state of wishlessness--not wishing for anything different than what is. The comparing mind is laid to rest. I am not thinking of the beautiful flowers at the grocery store. I am not thinking of the flower bouquet on my neighbor's kitchen table. I am not thinking of visiting the florist.

Contentment is a quiet form of joy. Joy in this easy and beautiful bouquet.

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