Sunday, February 1, 2015

Coleus Cuttings

I'm localvoring the flower bouquet on my kitchen table. I take cuttings from a coleus and put them in a jar of water. Oh, those velvety green, burgundy, and creamy white leaves are beautiful. I want to rub them, touch them.

This "bouquet" came from 20 feet away. It wasn't flown in from a foreign country. No fossil fuel was used to transport it.

Hopefully, the cuttings will root, so i'm multiplying my houseplants at the same time as i'm enjoying them. The mother coleus is looking rather old in last summer's flower pot that used to reside on the front step. I'm not sure whether i can revive Mother Coleus by cutting her back and back. I have my doubts. Meanwhile, i'm enjoying her offspring, smiling at me from the kitchen table.

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