Sunday, February 22, 2015

Natural Humidifiers

My neighbors are running humidfiers in their homes during these zero-degree days when the air is so, so dry. I ditched my humidifier some years ago in favor of houseplants.

Think about it: i could spend 24-hours worth of electricity to run a humidifier, which would put half-a-gallon of water into the air every day.  (= 3-1/2 gallons per week) Or i could water my plants, which take 16 gallons of water every week. (Yes, i have a lot of houseplants.) Where is that 16 gallons of water going anyway? Into the air in my home via the transpiration of the plants.

We breathe. Our plants breathe. Let's meditate with our plants.

Watering my houseplants just smells like a better idea than a humidifier.
All without the electric hum of a hum-idifier.

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