Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Cold

My sweetie came down with a draggy cold on Monday. He believes he caught it in the doctor's office, 3 days earlier. Now, 3 days later, i am coughing and sniffling and.... Wanh! I don't want to have a cold. I just had a cold 1 month ago. I do not want another one!

And i practice the 2nd Daily Reflection:
 I am of the nature to become ill (whether i want to or not).  
My body is of the nature to get sick.
My favorite remedy is to dice up a garlic clove and swallow it with a glass of water. I'm chewing Vitamin C. I'm sucking on zinc lozenges. I'm drinking fluids--coconut water is my current favorite. I'm napping. I'm cancelling my appointments.

And i am coughing, coughing.

I feel grateful for a body whose immune system can fight off the invaders.

My eyes are narrow slits. My mind has no idea where this blog is going. And despite the outer circumstances (ugh!), an inner smile is walking me to bed. Right now.

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