Monday, February 16, 2015

Minus Two with a Freight Train of Wind

Baby, it's c-o-l-d out there. Minus two with a freight train of wind bringing the wind chill down to minus 27. I can hear the wind howling around the corners of the house, trying to get in. I'm wearing my hat and scarf inside the house

The finches try to turn themselves into little round balls, as they stand on one foot and then the other, waiting their turn at the bird feeder. A gray squirrel is vacuuming as many sunflower seeds as he can into his mouth, and the little birds don't dare come too close.

 It's Winter Carnival week in town, with all sorts of winter activities planned, including the only official ski jumping contest in the country.

We can celebrate the cold or we can complain. Which one causes less stress?

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