Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Organic Composting Handbook

My friend Dede Cummings has published The Organic Composting Handbook, filled with colorful photos.

I wrote the foreword and 32 sidebars, which i think you will get a kick out of.

It seems a bit early in the season to be thinking of compost piles. Two of my 3 compost piles are buried under 3 feet of snow. The pile that's in use has a fresh blanket of snow every few days. Maybe i could call it lasagna composting? A layer of kitchen scraps, then a layer of snow, etc.

This is the great thing about winter: last year's mess, last week's garbage, yesterday's scrappiness is buried under a fresh layer of snow.

We think our own ill-will, our own unskillful actions, our own scrappiness is buried by time. Yet that habit is still there, composting away under our pretty veneer of nice-ness.

We want to develop the habit of goodness in our actions. Nice-ness may look good on the outside, pretty as a fresh layer of snow, but it doesn't touch our heart. Nice-ness has our self-interest at heart--I want people to like me. It's not that i necessarily like them.

Of course, we feel ill-will at times, but we can compost it with a dose of loving-kindness--toward ourselves.

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