Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Balled Up

7 years ago, i bought 3 little 6-inch tall PJM rhododendrons and put them in my holding bed. I transplanted one, one died, and the other one has limped along looking quite puny.

I found that puny one yanked out (by a deer?) and lying on the ground. No wonder the small-leaved rhododendron was still only 6 inches tall. Its roots were growing in a circle, as if it were still confined to a three-inch pot.

Sometimes we confine ourselves--our emotions, our activities--to a very small space. Perhaps we were trained by authoritarian parents or suffered from a trauma that caused us to contract. Our own "rootball" may be confined to a very small space.

Notice how contraction feels in the body.
The mind may believe it's safer to stay small and fly under the radar.
Question that belief.

Life is calling you.

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