Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Bonfire

I bought an organic chicken at the Farmers' Market and boiled it up to make chicken soup and chicken salad. But what to do with the skin and bones? You're not supposed to compost them, though my compost is full of chicken bones and spare ribs. In the winter, i cremate the bones in my wood stove.

Now that it's summer solstice, i'll have to have a bone-fire. Yes, that's where the word bonfire comes from--burning.... Well, maybe we don't want to think too closely about who was being burned.  Women. Enemies. Burning bones to make lime.

In India, people are cremated in bonfires on platforms along the Ganges River and its tributaries.

So, celebrate the summer solstice with a bonfire as the long summer days begin to die in length.

Photo by Lani Wright

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