Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's a Good Year for Weeds

Oxalis, Smartweed, and Purslane
"It's a good year for weeds," Sarah says, when i walk into my weekly writing group.
Isn't every year a good year for weeds?

At the beginning of June, at have the illusion that the gardens are under control. My control. Ha! By the beginning of July, everything, and i mean everything is growing fast. I weed one day, and the next day, more weeds have sprouted in that very spot that was bare the day before.

Mulch is the #1 weed control. I layer it on the flower beds in April, so there are no weeds to speak of there. In the vegetable garden, my only hope is that the weeds camouflage the vegetable plants from the voles. Too much weeding, and there's nothing left but veggie plants a.k.a. vole food.

Weedy thoughts and weedy behaviors abound in our daily lives. Yesterday morning i was drawn into chitchat--talking about people. It's so enticing; it's so fun; it's so useless.

Or how about the nettles i exhibit toward the person i share my house with when he disagrees with me?

It's time to mulch with mindfulness.

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