Friday, June 15, 2012

Transplanting Habits of Mind

Thanks to the rain, i walk out to the vegetable garden in the mist and transplant some squash seedlings. It's a good morning for transplanting, so i busy myself with moving plants from here to there.  The larkspur, feverfew, and white mallow are lounging over a walkway, so i uproot them from their home and move them back a couple of feet. Maybe i stake them upright to keep them from getting too relaxed.

What are the habits of mind we would like to transplant into our inner gardens?
Love? Joy? Calm? Gratitude?
We do this, not under the full-sun scorching heat of our critical minds, but with the gentle attitude of kindness.
"Oh, this habit of complaining doesn't really change anything."
"Oh, this habit of desire actually leads to stress."

Look closely at some of your favorite habits-of-mind.
Are they actually getting in your way? Casually lounging over your path? Preventing you from walking your walk?
Recognize them for what they are: stress (probably in disguise).
Be kind to yourself.

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