Monday, June 25, 2012

Namaste Mary

I stopped at a new statuary store and came home with 2 statues. One is called Mary and she carries a rosary on her arm. Her hands are in prayer position, so it looks like she is saying "Namaste." I call her Namaste Mary.

I've placed her on the spiritual loop of my woodland walk along with St. Francis and Kuan Yin.

The other statue is a modernistic Native American woman (probably Southwestern) holding a pot.

My husband is designing his Greek nymph walk through the woods, making stumps into pedestals for very young women dressed in sheer cement.

The statues invite the eye into the woods. Hopefully, visitors will stroll these short paths through the woods.

When you sit down to meditate, what draws your attention?
Sounds? Sensations of the body? The breath? The chattering mind?

The mind can be used as a meditation object, which yields very interesting insights. Because the mind is an extremely slippery object, it is not usually recommended as a meditation object. But if you have built up the muscle of mindfulness you can experiment with watching the mind. It's very helpful to label each distraction to remind you that you are watching the thought and not hopping on that particular train of thought.

Stop now. Maybe close your eyes for just one minute. Meditate on whatever draws your attention.

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