Saturday, June 23, 2012

Outer and Inner Climate

I am fortunate to have my own well that produces 12 gallons a minutes. So the only cost of watering the gardens for hours and hours on these sweltering days is the cost of electricity.

On these sunny days, our electricity comes from solar-voltaics, which is to say, the sun. So my electricity is "free."

Friends who live in town have a brook running around the back of their property, so they put a little pump in the brook, attach it to their hose, and water their gardens from the brook in order to avoid a startlingly high water bill.

The combination of sun, water, and rich earth means the plants in the veggie garden are growing by leaps and bounds.

In the 90+ degree afternoons, i drive to nearby ponds or rivers to immerse myself for relief from the sun's heat. Ahhh. Cool water refreshes the body.

When our inner climate heats up with irritation or desire, how do we cool ourselves down?
Mindfulness is the cool water that refreshes our senses.

Yes, we may still have to suffer a bit with the inner heat of "I can't believe they...." or "I want....." Feel where those thoughts reside in your body.
Put your attention on those sensations like an acupressure point.
Hold your attention on that tender spot.
Hold it. Hold it.
Tears may come to your eyes.
This is the water that cools down the inner climate.

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