Sunday, June 17, 2012

Voles 30. Cheryl 6.

OK. The voles win. They have scored more of my 3-inch broccoli seedlings than i have. Nibbled off at the stem.

And in the game of cabbages, it's
Voles 12. Cheryl 0.
My little cabbage seedlings have completely disappeared, even the 4 red cabbage 6-inch seedlings that i bought at a farmstand.

I'm going to the Farmers' Market to buy 6-packs of broccoli, green cabbage, red cabbage, and while i'm at it, Brussels sprouts. I want those muscular 10" tall plants so that a vole will need a chainsaw to cut down a broccoli tree.

Voles are quick, dark gerbil-sized creatures that look like a shadow darting through the Swiss chard, which they have also nibbled to the nubbins.

A fellow Master Gardener has made several Vol-inators: He covers a little wooden Clementine box with bark to make it look like a burrow, but he furnishes it with mousetraps.

I just cannot do it. Every morning i take a vow to not harm creatures. I guess this includes the team of voles living around my garden. I'd rather feed the voles my entire crop of cabbage.

But i do have a strategy for our game next season :)

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