Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Refreshing the Front Step

This summer my front step is burgeoning with flowerpots. I've found a discount store where i can buy big glazed flowerpots from Vietnam for $15-$25. Since i bring the potted plants indoors in September, and since about 70 percent of them survive the winter in my solarium, i now have quite a collection of colorful plants.

Still, it's time to refurbish the two pansy pots. They looked good in April, but July is too hot for cool-weather pansies. So i've been tucking various colorful leaves into the pansy pots and even another flower or two. Pulling out live flowers goes against my grain, but the pansies are leggy, wilty, and blooming sporadically. I want the flowers at the front door to look happy and welcoming.

When we get strung out, wilted, or only bloom sporadically, we know that we, like the pansies, are stressed. A friend with an intense summer job sometimes goes to bed at 7:30 in order to refresh herself. Her intention to meditate daily has gotten lost in the daily crush of work. Ironically, she took this summer job so she can afford to go on a month-long retreat next February. :) She will be pulling herself out of this stressful job come September.

What are your stressors? What stressful situations are you in right now? Is there some situation or some relationship that you can pull yourself out of? Or maybe it's as "simple" as a stressful thought.

Let go. Let go of stress. Relax into summer. Relax into your garden.

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