Friday, June 1, 2012


Since i can't bear to throw plants away, i pot up my extras to give away. Then i use popsicle sticks to label them. "Yellow daylily" or "Russian sage." Sometimes i use the Latin name "Brunnera macrophylla" or "papaver somniflorum."

In meditation, we label our distracting thoughts. We have several systems available to us:

  • We can label thoughts simply by naming them "past" or "future."
  • We can label thoughts with words such as "planning," "worrying," "dreaming," etc.
  • We can use the 5 Hindrances as a forced-choice exercise. By sorting every thought into one of these 5 categories, we gain insight into what, in particular, hinders our meditation.
sense desire
lethargy & sleepiness
restlessness & worry

 Labeling thoughts increases our mindfulness. Labeling plants helps the recipient to know what plants they are receiving.

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