Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Replanting Good Intentions

Photo by Lynne Weinstein
I'm doing a second planting of beets and chard. If i could figure out where to put it, i'd do a second planting of bush beans because the bean plants exhaust themselves in early August, and it would be nice to have a fresh supply of green beans about then.

I have a commit-to-sit going with 2 friends i met recently on a retreat. Our commitment is 2 hours a day. This is proving to be fairly easy for one woman, and nearly non-existent for the one who just took an all-consuming summer teaching job. I myself wax and wane wildly, depending on whether i sit for an hour before the birds starting singing at dawn.

It's time for me to replant my intention. This might mean going to bed earlier. Someone recently told me that the hours you sleep before midnight count double. I'll plant myself in bed before 10:00 tonight.

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